Best restaurants near Isaac Stern Auditorium

restaurants near isaac stern auditorium

Feeling peckish? Try one of these great restaurants.

Loi Estiatorio

Loi Estiatorio is a highly popular Greek restaurant just one block from the Isaac Stern Auditorium. It serves seafood and Mediterranean classics in an upscale yet welcoming environment.

Trattoria Dell’Arte

Located on the same block as Carnegie Hall, Trattoria Dell’Arte is a Tuscan Italian restaurant. You’ll find pizzas, pasta, and seafood on offer, all served inside the Italian-inspired dining area.

Redeye Grill

The Redeye Grill serves upscale American cuisine on the same block as the venue. Seafood fans will particularly enjoy its extensive menu, with cocktails and live music completing the atmosphere.

Souvlaki GR Midtown

For tasty food in lively surroundings, try the Greek Souvlaki GR Midtown restaurant. It’s a relaxed place, serving authentic favorites like souvlaki, meats, and salads.

Carnegie Diner & Cafe

Want to stay on theme? Try the Carnegie Diner & Cafe. It’s on the same block as Carnegie Hall, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner in a welcoming modern dining setting.